Elements of Music and the Super Six – Dynamics blog post from Jooya Teaching Resources

Super Six and the Elements of Music – Dynamics

Welcome to the third blog post in this series about using the Super Six while teaching the Elements of Music. […]

How to Teach Recorder Like a Boss

Many years ago, in my second year of teaching, I was shocked, and a little horrified that I was to […]

How Making Connections Helps Students Learn

It’s no secret that I love using the Super Six in my Music lessons. I can’t even imagine teaching a […]

20 Questions to Help You Get Back on Track

In the next few months, my school, like every other in my state, will be preparing their School Plan for […]

10 Ways to use the Super Six in Music – Visualising

It’s hard to believe, but I started my own Super Six journey over 4 years ago! Since then, I have […]

Proven Tips for using SMART Goals Blog Posts by Jooya Teaching Resources. Post includes tips, techniques, templates and link to a FREE course!

My Proven Tips for Creating SMART Goals that work!

This post is the second in my Planning series for the best 2017 ever! I will be giving you all […]