What is Structure of Music

Teaching and learning what is structure of music can sometimes be frustrating for both teachers and students. But, knowing what is structure and the form of music, and the music vocabulary for this Element of Music is easy when the learning experience is student centered.

As a teacher, you would be well aware that your students learn as much, if not more, when they have to research and find the information themselves. This blog post will show you an easy and simple lesson for teaching your music appreciation students what is structure of music.

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Teaching Resources for Structure Music Vocabulary

As a music teacher, you know that the best lessons are the lessons that you are well prepared for, and where you have all the resources ready for the students to find success.

One FREE resource that you can use to teach what is structure of music definitions and vocabulary, is to assign your students to read the article that explains all the terms in detail.

Link to What is Structure in Music Blog Post here.

The information in this post will be a great resource to help your students find the what is structure of music terms and definitions. But you might find that you want to make it even easier on both yourself and the students, by having some other music classroom resources available to use in your music lessons.

Some of the FREE resources that you will find helpful to teach what is structure of music are listed below. Click on each one for more information.

  1. Elements of Music Mind Maps
  2. Structure in Music Blog Post
  3. Structure in Music YouTube Tutorial

These other resources for teaching about Structure in Music are all available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click on each one to view the product.

  1. Structure Definitions Activity for use with Google Slides
  2. Elements of Music Structure Terms
  3. Music Memory Cards for Structure


Student Centered Lesson for Learning What is Structure of Music

Helping your students learn what is structure of music is possible in one lesson! This lesson is suitable for both in person face-to-face lessons, or for remote and distance learning lessons.

All you need for this lesson are the Structure Google Slides and a link to the What is Structure in Music blog post. All the links for these resources are listed above. If you are doing this lesson face to face, and not as a digital lesson, you might want to also have a set of either the Structure Music Terms or the Structure Music Memory cards ready for your students to access.



For this lesson to be student centered means that you provide them with the task or activity, the resources they need, then let them work independently on the activity. This lesson really does not need a lot of “teaching” from the teacher! The best way for students to learn is through finding the information they need to complete the activity on their own.


For this lesson to be successful you might want to try these steps.

  1. Start the lesson with a review of what students might know about structure. You might want to use the Structure Mind Map, pictured above, as a starting point for discussion.
  2. Hand out the resources. If this is a digital lesson, make sure that you have scheduled and assigned the Structure Google slides to your students in Google Classroom.
  3. Hand out the resources. If this is a face-to-face lesson, you might have a print out of the Structure Google Slides PDF for each student. You would also need the Structure Terms or Structure Term Cards (from the Memory Cards) available for students to access.
  4. Explain that the students need to find the definition and an image to help them remember the structure music term. Remind them that the Element of Music will always be the same – Structure.
  5. Give the students time to research and complete each structure definition.



Depending on how quickly your students work, this work could easily be completed in a single 60-minute lesson.

One thing you will need to prepare for, is that students will complain about finding an image! Make sure you explain to them that when they can connect information, no matter what it is, to an image, they are more likely to remember that information. Below are some examples from my own students and some of the images that they found to help them remember the structure in music definitions.



To follow up the lesson, and recap the learning, it is a good idea to show some of the students work and discuss it. By doing this follow up, the benefits are that students will be remembering the terms as you discuss them, and hopefully have a bit of a laugh at some of the images being used to help memorize the terms. A word of warning, check which students you are going to use first, you will want to screen to see of the images they have used are appropriate! We all know that kids will try to push the boundaries, especially teenagers!

If you prefer seeing this what is structure of music lesson in action, watch the YouTube tutorial where it is explained in detail.


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