Music End of the Year Awards

This year try celebrating the achievements made by each and every one of your music students with these end of the year music certificate awards. Your music students will love being recognized for their contribution to music class, no matter how big or small.

You can save yourself some time and effort with these fun end of year music award certificates. In each set there are 70 different music awards that are great for all ages and all musicians. It doesn’t matter if you taught choir, band, marching band, general music or even small ensembles, there is an award in these sets for every single child you teach.



End of Year Awards for Students

Every child, no matter who they are, loves being acknowledged and noticed for the contributions they have made to music class. Let’s face it, not every child is, or will be a great musician, and that’s OK! There’s a ton of research out there that confirms that every child needs to be noticed for their contribution in the classroom, no matter how small that contribution is. And, as the music teacher, you are to make the day of a child who might feel unnoticed in the classroom.

The easiest, and honestly the cheapest way to celebrate success in the music classroom is with a music award certificate. These end of the year music award certificates have 70 different music award certificates in each set. That is 70 different ways that you can give every child a unique music class award certificate to show your appreciation to them for being in your music class all year long.


End of Year Music Student Awards

The best thing about these end of the year music certificate awards is that you can customize them really easily! There are 10 different paper backgrounds to choose from in the Music Certificate Awards Bundle, and because they are in a printer friendly black and white pdf, you can add personal flair to them by printing onto the colored paper of your choice!

The Music Award Certificate Sets available are:


Music Award Certificate Hints and Tips

As a busy music teacher, who teaches multiple classes, grades and often nearly every child in the school, follow these easy tips below to help make celebrating success for every child in the music room.

Link to the End of Year Music Certificate Awards Bundle here.

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