If there’s one thing we all want, it is a music classroom that looks great, is inviting and welcoming and is a place of learning for our students.

Over in my store, there are stacks of sets of music class décor items ready for you to purchase, print and use today. Each set is in printer friendly black and white, and this means that you can print onto colored paper to suit your own tastes and décor.

There are 6 different background paper options to choose from

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One of the best things about each of these sets, is the different ways you can use them!

If you print one to a page, they are great for display on your walls or bulletin boards. Use them for write the room activities and for reference during teaching and learning.

If you print 2 to a page, they will still make a great display – only you can fit more into the space you have.

Try printing 4 or more to page so that you can play games with them. Games like memory, matching, ordering and composing will make great center activities for small group and independent work.

To save your self some money, try the bundles. As more resources are created and added, the price goes up. But, you don’t pay anymore, and you will get access to any new products as they are available! A win for you and your classroom.

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Included in the bundles so far

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Happy teaching

Julia from Jooya

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