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Masking in the Clay

Hi to all, hoping you all had a great Easter and was able to enjoy time with those you love. We had a quiet day here, and not everything went to plan, but that is the joy of life—keeps you on your toes. It is now halfway through my Easter holiday, and I wanted to share with you what my year 7 Art class was doing in the last 2 weeks of term! My class had finished the Funky Fundamentals unit and I really wanted to start our clay work… Read more Masking in the Clay

Wish List Sale Time

Hi All it’s been a busy couple of weeks again for me. I have also been fighting this horrible “bug” that’s being going around at my school and I am really hoping I am at the back end of it!Earlier in the week I had no voice, this of course made teaching rather interesting. The first day without a voice was our Athletics Carnival, I was with another staff member who happily did all the talking as we escorted our 17+ girls around to all of the events. The next… Read more Wish List Sale Time

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