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Steps to Performance Success

  It is during this time of year, as a Music teacher, I have my classes complete their Music Performance Assessments. What I find frustrating is that despite ongoing checks, discussions with students about song choice and giving them constructive feedback and advice on how to improve, they still don’t listen to me!!! They still think they, or the advice of their friends, is better than the real advice from an experienced teacher who knows how to get results. Over the years I have ran into past students, who could… Read more Steps to Performance Success

Masking in the Clay

Hi to all, hoping you all had a great Easter and was able to enjoy time with those you love. We had a quiet day here, and not everything went to plan, but that is the joy of life—keeps you on your toes. It is now halfway through my Easter holiday, and I wanted to share with you what my year 7 Art class was doing in the last 2 weeks of term! My class had finished the Funky Fundamentals unit and I really wanted to start our clay work… Read more Masking in the Clay

Wish List Sale Time

Hi All it’s been a busy couple of weeks again for me. I have also been fighting this horrible “bug” that’s being going around at my school and I am really hoping I am at the back end of it!Earlier in the week I had no voice, this of course made teaching rather interesting. The first day without a voice was our Athletics Carnival, I was with another staff member who happily did all the talking as we escorted our 17+ girls around to all of the events. The next… Read more Wish List Sale Time

Trying Something New.

Hi all, this is a new post this week to try something new for me, and I am not sure if even what I am trying to do will work!!!! Oh well, first time for everything. There are a few blogs I like to follow and one is On this blog there is an Art Linky, and I am going to try this for the first time today. The brief is for a Primary School based Art Lesson. I am a High School Art Teacher, but my Year 7’s have… Read more Trying Something New.

The Things We Do!

Hello to all and I hope everyone has had a great week. My last two weeks have been really quite busy, and I am feeling like I have a lot of work to catch up on! On Tuesday of last week my school had an information evening for the students and families of 2015 Year 7. It seems quite early to do this, but the parents soon have to nominate which high school they are sending their child to and that means time for publicity for us. For this particular… Read more The Things We Do!


Well I am a bit late with this blog because of a couple of excuses. The first excuse is that I was away all weekend with some friends from church, and the second is that I am busy trying to write an application for a promotion! As stated, I was away last weekend on a little retreat. There was only 21 of us ladies, but though small in number, it was a big one of fun and friendship. The weekend of course had a spiritual theme, but the best part… Read more Thanks

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