Hello and welcome to Jooya Teaching Resources. At Jooya Teaching Resources we have wide and ever growing collection of affordable and time saving resources for you to purchase from the Teachers Pay Teachers store. The resources are designed with the busy teacher in mind. Our goal is to save you time and $$$ while giving both you and your students quality resources that will engage, create and inspire their learning.


The name Jooya comes from my little sister (who is now on the other side of 40!). When  she was little she couldn’t say my name- Julia,  properly, and it sounded like she was calling me Jooya; the name kinda just stayed with me.


I am the Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts at a large New South Wales High School. I teach Music from Years 7-12 and oversee classes in Dance, Drama, Music, Photography and Visual Arts from Years 7-12.

My goal is to have all of my students, and yours, engaged with their learning through creativity and inspiration. I am passionate about Literacy Education for all students, and the resources I create for you and your students reflect this.

I am an experienced teacher with over 16 years of learning in the classroom. I have a Bachelor in Visual Arts, a Diploma in Education from Newcastle University, a Diploma in Fashion Design and an Associate Diploma Recital in Voice from the Trinity College of London.


There are always new products being added so don’t forget to sign up to follow Jooya Teaching Resources at my TPT store and by email, that way you will always be the first to know about new products, teaching tips and ideas. You can also follow me on Facebook and Pinterest too!



You can contact me by email at – juliajooya@gmail.com

Happy Teaching

Julia from Jooya


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