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Hello and welcome to Jooya Teaching Resources. My name is Julia, and I am an experienced educator who has been teaching since 2001. I am lucky enough to have an understanding and supportive husband, two adult children and a cat called Max.

The name “Jooya” comes from my younger sister. When she was little she could not say my name Julia, and it sounded like “Jooya”. The name kinda stuck!

I love creating resources for both my students and yours. I work hard, so you don’t have to! My aim is to give you back some of that precious time you deserve to spend doing what you love, and not preparing lessons. My resources are classroom tested and guaranteed to engage your students with content that they will enjoy learning about. All you have to do is print, pick a lesson and teach!

I have always worked with students and schools in low socio-economic areas. I am currently the Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts at a large New South Wales High School. I work with and teach students from Years 7 through to Year 12. Most of my elective music students do not attend private music lessons outside of school. Despite this, my HSC (Year 12) students have always attained their highest mark in my class. I work with my students to help them become the best musician that they can be.

I love giving my students the opportunity to shine and show their talents. I regularly create opportunities with shows and live performances so that my students can experience the joys of performing in front of a live audience. I love putting on Musicals and these shows have always been a huge success for both the students and the school.

I am passionate about literacy education and am always looking for strategies and ideas to implement in my classes with all of my students. I love using the Super Six Comprehension strategies with my classes to help my students improve their literacy skills.

Happy Teaching

Julia from Jooya