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Writing About the Concepts of Music Course

This Writing About Music Course has been created for the HSC Music 1 student in mind. The Writing About Music Course covers everything you need to know about the Concepts of Music, and breaks everything down into easy to understand parts that will help you to pass that Music Aural Exam with ease!

Are you studying the HSC Music 1 Course?

Need help to pass the Music 1 Aural Exam?

Then this Writing About Music Course is here to help you!

This Writing About Music Course is here to help you deepen your understanding of the Concepts of Music and how they are used in a piece of music.


concepts of music mind map

This Writing About Music course is for you if you:

concepts of music mind maps fro texture, structure and tone colour

What do you get included in the Writing About Music course?

PLUS you also get these BONUSES!

The printable downloads alone are worth the price of the Writing About Music Course!!!

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Meet your teacher – Julia. She is an experienced Music teacher who has been teaching since 2001. Let her help you find success in the Music Aural exam as she guides you through each of the Concepts of Music with videos, music samples and plenty of written examples to show you along the way.

She will guide your through her unique writing about music framework – M.U.S.I.C.

M.U.S.I.C. stands for

3 concepts of music mind maps for pitch, duration and dynamics and expressive techniques

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