Well, lovely, it is time to party! I have a couple of reasons to celebrate, and I want to share the joy with you.

Firstly, I have finally completed all of what I call the “hard” treatments for my breast cancer!!! That has been surgery 16 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments since August 16 last year! I still have 10 rounds of Herceptin left – but that is the easy one, it’s only once every three weeks. Believe me, this is certainly something to celebrate. I have survived the treatment and come out the other end feeling OK.

Secondly, I have reached 1000 Followers over at my TPT store! Now, that is really something to celebrate. That has been a fantastic journey creating resources for you to use in your classroom. And, I have enjoyed every single minute creating those resources!

So, to celebrate, I have a fantastic FREE resource for you to download. This little gem, I have had some version of it in my own classroom teaching toolkit for years now. It is a set of Large Treble Clef Note cards.

So, how do I use these? Well, they have come in handy for lots of things, and below you will find a few ways that I have used these cards in my classroom.


These cards are perfect for display around your room. Print them onto colored paper of your choice and put up on your walls. They do last a to longer if you laminate them – that way they won’t fade over time.

Write the Room

Put the cards in display, then ask students, when they are learning their treble clef notes, to get up and complete a note naming worksheet by walking around the room and finding the names of each note as they go. This activity works really well as a little “brain break” too.

Line Up Game

Print enough cards for each student in the class to have a card. This might mean printing a few sets in different colours – I have 4 sets in my room. Hand out enough cards to your students. Put on some music, and ask them to walk around and swap cards as they meet another student. When the music stops, they are to find their “group” and line up in note order. The first group in order wins! Repeat as often as needed.

Corners Game

As in the previous game, have enough cards for each student. On the walls in your classroom have a poster/display of – Lines, Spaces, Above/Below. Students walk around the room swapping cards as before to the music. When the music stops, they need to “read” their card and go to the appropriate area. For example, if their note is on a line – they go to the “lines”, if they have a note in a space – they go to the “space’, etc… then call out a random area, and students in that area are now out of the game. Students get different cards and keep playing until you have a winner.

For something different, try when they are grouped in their areas to get them to “order” themselves however you instruct – ascending/descending.

These are just a few ways that you can use this FREE resource!

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Until next time

Happy Teaching

Julia from Jooya

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  1. I’m late to the party, but congratulations on reaching 1000 followers on TpT and a HUGE congratulations on powering through such difficult treatments in your cancer fight for nearly a year!!! I commented on your “From lemons to lemonade” post last year and I’m so happy to hear that you’re back in the classroom and in the final stretch of your treatments 🙂

    1. Thanks lovely, and you are never too late!
      Only have 7 more treatments to go, on the downhill slide to the finish line 😄

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