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FREE Stuff for Your Music Classroom blog post from Jooya Teaching Resources.

Last week I was happy to reach a mini milestone in my little Teachers Pay Teachers store – I gained 700 followers! YIPPEE!!! And, I have to say that my followers are very loyal people who come back time and time again to purchase resources from me. So as a huuuuuge THANK YOU, I have created a FREE resource that I hope you will all love.

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This time I have created 21 Ukulele Chord Charts. These chord charts are all on the same colourful background papers that I have used in each of my other FREEBIES. This means, that as you add to your collection, you are sure to have a perfectly coordinated music classroom. You will also find some blank chord charts – this way you can add to your own collection as needed.

FREE Stuff for Your Music Classroom blog post from Jooya Teaching Resources.

In case you have missed my other freebies, below you will find the link to the page where all of my FREE resources are ready for you to download right now!

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My list of FREE classroom resources is below, and there is something there for everyone!

  • Music Term Cards
  • Study Aids and Organisers
  • Music Game – Corners
  • 400 Followers Freebie – What Great Musicians Do
  • Music Quotes Posters – watercolour
  • Classroom posters
  • Guitar Chart
  • Keyboard Posters
  • Alphabet Bunting
  • Bulletin Board Border
  • Keyboard Chord Posters
  • Music in Our Schools Month Posters – Inspirational Quotes
  • CHIRRP Posters
  • Music Colouring pages
  • Learning Classroom Management
  • Classroom Management – Whole Class Rewards
  • Ukulele Chord Charts

Some other FREE resource in my store include a lot of Professional Development. These are all resources that I have developed and used with my own staff over several years. I hope that you will find these helpful and useful to your own teaching practice. These resources include:

  • Data Collection
  • SMART Goals
  • Setting Schedules
  • Assignment Planning
  • 20 Questions to Help You Refocus
  • Super Six in Action – Questioning
  • Super Six in Action – Summarising
  • Super Six in Action – Making Connections

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And if you want to help your students write about Music in a critical and analytical way, try these FREE Webinar Videos!

  • How to Write About Pitch
  • How to Write About Rhythm
  • How to Write About Dynamics & expressive Techniques
  • How to Write About Structure or Form
  • How to Write About Texture
  • How to Write About Tone Colour or Timbre

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Until next time

Happy Teaching

Julia from Jooya

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