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4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween from Jooya Teaching Resources

Can you believe that it is now October? This year seems to be going quicker and quicker! It is always frightening when you start to see the Christmas Countdowns appearing on social media, reminding you that Christmas is only XX days away – AHHHHH, I am so not ready! But one thing I am ready for is Halloween. I have everything I need to keep my kids enjoying Music lessons this month, and I hope you find these resources ready to use too.

The easiest way for you to celebrate Halloween in your classroom is to purchase my Halloween Activity Bundle. In this $$$ saving Bundle you will find enough activities to keep your classes learning and having some Halloween fun along the way.

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween from Jooya Teaching Resources

My favourite part of the Bundle is the 10 Listening Activities. In this little gem of a resource are links to 10 different Halloween songs. The variety of listening excerpts will be sure to please the tastes of all your little learners. You simply have to choose a song, then a listening activity to accompany the music. With 10 songs and 10 different activities, you have a lot of learning and listening combination choices! The activities are suitable for many different age groups from the very young to the older student.

Another little bit of fun for your classroom, are the 24 Halloween Art Task Cards. These are perfect for early finishers, or even as a “free choice” art lesson. Students will love being able to choose a card and then create their own Halloween art works. The materials you use for these activities will be whatever you choose for your students. Your students will be able to create wonderful works from even the simplest art materials of pencils and felt tips pens! Of course, you could unleash their artistic abilities with other media such as paints, charcoal or even some printing techniques!

For those students who may not want to create or draw using the 24 Art Task Cards, they might prefer to colour in one of the 6 original Halloween Zentangles. These Zentangles look brilliant once completed and displayed on the walls of your classroom. You could even make things interesting and tell your students that they can only use certain colour combinations for these Zentangles! That way they have to think a little more about how they use colour in their works. I like to make things difficult for my students and tell them they can only use four colours, and no single colour is to “touch” itself – each section must be a different colour. I love the results that these restrictions place on the students – it really makes them think and plan where they will use each colour!

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Included in the Bundle are 10 Halloween Rhythm activities. These worksheets are quick reinforcement of the rhythm theory that you are doing in your classroom. The students will enjoy completing the activities, then colouring them in. These are great quick worksheets for your students to complete.

In this Bundle are a couple of bonuses! You will find Halloween Alphabet Bunting and a Halloween Border as well. You can choose to print these onto white paper and then let your students colour them in before displaying them on your Bulletin Board, or you can choose to print them onto coloured paper for instant display! The choice is yours.

Each part of this Halloween Bundle you can choose to complete as a whole class activity, or you might want to use each part as a Classroom Centre. You could have a different area set up with each part of the Bundle. A listening station with the chosen Music and activity to complete, an Art Station where they create something form the 24 Art Task cards, a Zentangle station for colouring and lastly a station for completing the Rhythm Activities. Then to top it all off, use the Halloween Bunting and Borders to create a Halloween Display that your students have been an integral part in creating!

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