The Super Six is simply the best set of strategies to use while teaching any subject, to any age group, ever! This seems like a BIG statement, but in my humble opinion, it is true.

I was introduced to the Super Six a number of year ago, and since starting on the journey, I haven’t looked back. The ideas are simple, they are effective, they are easy to use, require very little resources, and they can be used with any activity that you are doing from art/craft to reading a complex piece of text.

I am a Music teacher and I teach from years 7 through to 12. I teach at a school that has a very diverse range of abilities from the gifted ,to the students who read well below their grade level. And, I find that using the Super Six helps everyone – no exceptions.

The Super Six Strategies are simple, and I have written several blog posts about how I use them in my Music classroom. In each post, I discuss 10 ways that I use the Super Six with my classes. Click the links below to check them out.




Making Connections



So why do I think these strategies are the best? Well, mainly because they have made me a better teacher while using them, and if I am teaching better then, my students are learning. If my students are learning, then knowledge transfer occurs and they retain information. If the student retains information, then they can use it to make more connections, and this in turn not only reinforces their learning in my subject, but in other classes as well.

I could go in to detail about this process, but as a professional you know that if a student begins to understand, then comprehend, then make connections to other ideas, then, they learn – it’s that simple.

Blog Post from Jooya Teaching Resources – Why the Super Six is the Best Thing Ever!
Blog Post from Jooya Teaching Resources – Why the Super Six is the Best Thing Ever!

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