2016 has been a good year for me, and that has been in part due to the success I have felt on a few fronts. I have had a brilliant year in the classroom—my senior class performed really well in the HSC (Year 12 external exam in New South wales called the Higher School Certificate), my colleagues and I implemented a new Year 7 program for our Music students and our students loved it, my faculty collectively put on more performances and displays this year than ever before and in my Teachers Pay Teachers store I doubled my sales from the previous year. My sales numbers are not huge by any means, I certainly could not live off them yet, but I am happy with the progress 🙂

So in another attempt to keep myself accountable for the upcoming year, below is a list of my Top 10 FREE products. Each of these products has been used in my own classroom. Some of them were created to fill a need with my students as they frustrated me, some were because I needed something to help my staff, others are simply because I like to create colourful things to display in my own room! You can click on the links below and you can still download all of these FREE resources, yep you guessed it—for FREE!!!! Enjoy 🙂


Top 10 FREE Products from Jooya Teaching Resources in 2016

  1. Super Six Posters– set 1
  2. Super Six Posters—set 2
  3. Music Game—Corners
  4. Study Aids
  5. Time Management Activity
  6. Music Term Cards
  7. Mothers Day Card (which I forgot to put an apostrophe in! oops, I am human)
  8. Music Concept Cards
  9. Self Evaluation lesson
  10. 20 Guitar Chord Charts

So there you have it. It is a good mix of interesting “stuff”. Go ahead and take a look, go and download the freebies. There are lots more there for you to download, so go for it—get something, you deserve it! Don’t forget though, you can still earn TPT credits for providing feedback on FREE items. So go on and earn yourself some credits too—a win/win for you!

Happy Teaching

Julia from Jooya


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