12 Days of Christmas Freebies— Day 12

So today is the last day of the 12 Days of Christmas freebies. Soooo excited for you all to enjoy these resources! But today we are a little sad—last day 🙁 BUT that means it is also much closer  to Christmas!

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Today we have this colourful set of Two different “What great musicians do” posters for you to print and display in your room. I have them displayed in a couple of places in my room—near the keyboards and at the front of the room, that way it a visual reminder of what “great musicians do”! There are four different colours used in the posters, and they will cheer up any classroom. Use them anywhere you want to encourage those young musicians in your room.

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I do hope that you have enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas , as much as I have in getting it all ready to share with you. Please have a safe and brilliant holiday, a well earned break and I hope you all get to spend some quality time with those who you love. Thanks for being a great customer and follower, both old and new, and I hope to have lots of new products available for you next year.

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Link to Day 12 Freebie here

Until next time

Happy Christmas

Julia from Jooya


I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend and High School Music Teacher. I have an understanding husband, two grown up children and one cat. I love the country life, especially as I can look out my back door and enjoy a beautiful view of cows ansd pasture. What is even better is that I enjoy the view without the cost! It's my neighbours' property. I am a classically trained Opera singer, but very rarely sing in that style. I love singing and will gladly sing at the drop of a hat. I play the guitar, although strictly rhythm these days, no solos, and enjoy my Tuesday night African drumming class down the road - it is great therapy! I love working with my students to help them see the best in themselves. I love my job and actually enjoy creating resources for my students.

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