12 Days of Christmas Freebies— Day 11

So today is the second last day of the 12 Days of Christmas freebies. Soooo excited for you all to enjoy these resources! But a little sad that it will end soon 🙁

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Today we have these very handy “out of class pass”. I use these in my own classroom, and after two years it was time to update, and this was the result! There is a clock that, when you print and fold, then laminate, ends up on the back of the pass. I simply use my whiteboard marker to draw the time they left class onto the clock, it then wipes off easily for use with the next student. Again there are four brilliant colours to print and use. I actually use the hole punch and put a hole on the corner, then thread with some ribbon, and hang up on a hook near the door of my classroom. Students, and I teach years 7-12, actually like wearing them around their neck as they leave class for whatever reason!

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Link to Day 11 Freebie here

Until tomorrow, for the last day of the giveaway

Happy Christmas

Julia from Jooya


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