Hi there all and welcome to this little post. It has been a long time since I have posted anything on the Super Six, but after changing schools, and the expectations that go with it, my time has been invested in other ideas. My current school does not have a focus on using the Super Six, as did my previous school, and even though I still use the Super Six every single lesson, I have sadly lost my way a little with these strategies.

6 Super Smart Strategies to Improve Comprehension

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So why the interest again? Well  it’s simple—the strategies work! They help ALL students comprehend any text—written or in my case, music listening samples. I teach at a High School that is “partially selective”. This means that we have a class of Gifted and Talented students in each year group, along with these students are our normal, everyday students who all have different ability levels. So my everyday teaching is about differentiation and meeting the needs of students where they are at, at that moment in time. I have found that using the Super Six works for all students, from Year 7 to 12, and this is all while teaching a specialist subject—Music.

So what are these strategies? The Super Six are Comprehension Strategies that can be used with any text, with any year level. They are meant to help students “access” a text in a more meaningful way. As a result, when students can comprehend texts better, they then have a better retention of information, and in turn they then have more information available in their memory banks to use when writing—simple! Well sort of!

The Six Strategies include:

  1. Making Connections
  2. Monitoring
  3. Predicting
  4. Questioning
  5. Summarising
  6. Visualising

These Strategies also have other names. The website Reading Rockets has several articles on using Comprehension Strategies, why it is important, and more—go and have a look!

Link to the Reading Rockets here.

With each of these strategies the best way to use them is to teach a chosen strategy using the “Modelled, Guided and Independent” method. There is heaps of information available on this method, do a search and you will easily find it. But below are a couple of links to save you some time.

Link to Literacy Overview with information on the Modelled/Guided/Independent

Link to Super Six Resources here

6 Super Smart Strategies to Improve Comprehension

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In coming weeks, I will be posting a series on each of the Super Six in more detail, so be sure to sign up and become a follower via email—just go to the box at the top of this page and enter your details.

Until next time

Happy Teaching

Julia from Jooya

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