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250 Art Making  Ideas for the Budding Artist


Hi there lovelies, I hope it is a lovely day where you are—it is a rainy day for me today, which means it is perfect to be inside and creating!

For those who follow this blog, you would know that I am a teacher at a high school in NSW, Australia. Now term 4 can be a great term, but it can also be a slightly painful one if  you have taught a Year 12 class. Since our Year 12’s have graduated, and are currently completing their external exams, this means that we do not have a Year 12 class to teach, it also means that we have what are called “meadow banks”. These little bundles of excitement (not) are where we have the pleasure of taking classes if a staff member is away, or we are “substitute” teachers during those lessons where we are normally timetabled with our senior class. This can be great, but also a little annoying!!! I had a “meadow bank” this week, and it was for one of my own faculty members. That was OK, but as she did not know she was going to be away, there were no planned lessons left. So what to do? It was a Year 8 Art class, and one of our lower ability ones too. I checked the class list, and thought about it, and came to the conclusion that it was a perfect time to use the 50 Random Things Art Activities, so I went to my TPT site, downloaded it, printed off some pages and then went off to class fully prepared with meaningful work for the lesson. The students liked that they could choose a page to complete and happily chose one, collected their materials and then set about creating for the entire lesson. So, it reminded me that this little Bundle of all 250 Art Making Ideas was a really great resource to have ready at my own, and your fingertips, for use any time.


So how can you use this product? Well the options are varied and totally flexible to suit your needs.

Firstly you can use these as individual lessons, which, if you had a class complete only one per week, would end up being over 6 years of lessons! (working on a 40 week school year). So you could print out a class set of the individual pages each week and have your students complete, then display. OR you could choose the activities that you would like them to for the term, semester or year and print out into a booklet creating a journal for your students to keep after they have finished.


The second teaching idea is to have your students use these for when they have completed their work early OR even as part of a classroom station/learning centre. For this way I would suggest your print out the task cards onto card and have a collection of drawing/art making materials available with paper and students would simply collect, choose a card and create!


Another way to use this little jam packed gem, is as an assignment. This is the most common way that I have used this collection in the past. Included in the resource are assignment pages, marking rubrics, self evaluation questions and of course all 50 ideas listed for the students to choose which ones they will use. Personally, I have given students the choice to create a small collection of 5 works of their choosing, but one of my staff members had a year 9 class create 10 small works with great success!

And lastly, of course this is a perfect addition to any art “sub tub”. Simply put in the task cards, some paper, art making materials and your class rules/instructions and you won’t have to ever worry about when you are off and too sick to come to work!

So, you can choose to purchase all 5 sets individually OR as a $$$ saving bundle, all of the links are below.

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