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I have been a Music Teacher for over 15 years, and head of a faculty for over 6 years. This means that I have lots of experience to help you to not make some of the mistakes that I have. Over the years I have created, implemented, marked and then tweaked assessments for my music classes. The products below are a result of a lot of classroom testing, and believe me, these have all gotten great results from my students, and I know they will for yours too!


Junior Music Assignment Bundle

This little Bundle is a $$$ and time saver! There are FOUR fantastic assignments included in this little gem. Included are two composition assignments—Obi Senya Na (African Music) and Rhythm and Rap (Rock Music). Each of these use cooperative learning, arranging and performing skills. The other two are more just for fun 🙂 The Rock Music Design project has students creating logos, CD covers, t-Shirt designs and more. The last one—Make an Instrument asks students to not only design and create an instrument, but they also have to perform something on their instrument! This one is always a lot of fun for the whole class.

Link to the Junior Assignment Bundle here


Composition Bundle

This Bundle is designed more for older students who have a good understanding of their musical craft. This one includes FIVE Composition tasks, as well as, my Pitch and Rhythm Theory Books. This bundle includes Obi Senya Na and Rhythm and Rap from the Junior Assignment Bundle plus three others. There are the popular Music for Advertising, Song Writing Composition and lastly the Percussion Ensemble Composition. All of the last three help students to develop composition, arranging and performing skills. Included are all the marking rubrics and assignment hand outs that will save you time. When I have my students complete these tasks, I always give them plenty of class time to work with others, the equipment and myself to get the best result possible.

Link to the Composition Bundle here


Mega Listening Bundle

This Bundle is jam packed with everything that you need to teach listening skills to your students from years 6 to 12! Every single listening resource I have ever created is in this Bundle. The contents are listed below

Music Analysis Assignment 1-6

Elements of Music Bundle—includes all EIGHT Elements of Music and the Listening Response Worksheets

Terms Bundle—includes the Power Point Slide and links to my YouTube videos on the SIX Concepts of Music

Music Terminology Cards for Senior Students

Concept Cards for Music Students

Link to the Mega Listening Bundle here


Growing Composer and Musician Study Bundle

This Growing Bundle includes all FIVE of the Composer and Musician Study resources that are available in my store. As new ones are created, I will update the Bundle without increasing the price! My students have really enjoyed using these Musician Study pages, and it has been a sanity saver for myself lately as I want my junior classes to keep learning, but need to put energy into my senior class while they prepare for their final performance exam, my junior classes have been able to work independently researching! The list of resources included so far are below

Baroque and Classical Composer Study

Black History Month Musician Study

Jazz Musician Study

Kings and Queens of Rock Musician Study

Pioneers of Rock Musician Study

Link to the Growing Bundle here

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