Hi all, well in order to have the Best Classroom Ever doesn’t only mean having an organised space that you enjoy working in, but it also means a well resourced classroom that has everything you need at your fingertips.

Every time I find that I need something for my own teaching, I look for a way to solve the problem and fill the gap. This has lead me to creating resources that I love to use, and I hope that you will too. The resources suggested below are all classroom tested with real students, they work, they will save you precious time and money, and you will find that you will reuse these resources year after year.

Number 1

Music Mega Bundle 1 and 2

Both of these Bundles are what I use to teach a whole year for my Year 7 and 8 classes. Mega Bundle 1 is what I use for Year 7, and the other one is for Year 8. BUT these can be swapped and changed around to suit your classes. Each includes at least 3 complete units of work, 2 assignments, 2 theory books, 4 fun games and a P.E.E.L. Music paragraph writing templates.


Link to Mega Bundle 1 here

Link to Mega Bundle 2 here

Number 2

If you only buy one product this year for you Music classes, this is it! This Mega Bundle of Listening Activities is the only Listening Resource that you will ever have to buy in your music teaching career—honestly. It has all of the resources that I have created over the years for all of my classes in it. It covers all of the Elements of Music, has links to my YouTube videos for term explanations (enjoy the Aussie accent!), Listening Assignments (that I use every single year with great results), Listening Response Worksheets that use the Super Six Reading Strategies, and more. You will find resources in this bundle that you can use for classes from Year 5, through to Year 12.


Link to Mega Bundle of Listening Activities here

Number 3

Bulletin Board Kit Growing Bundle is another fantastic resource that you will be able to use year after year. It currently has 7 different kits included in it, and as more are added, the price goes up. BUT if you purchase now, you will get the updates without paying another cent—that’s gotta make you smile! For the month of August only, there is another bonus—ALL of my Musician and Composer Study resources are included, a huge saving!


Link to the Growing Bulletin Board Kit Bundle here

Number 4

If you are looking for Assessment and Composition ideas, look no further! The Composition Bundle is just for you. In this Bundle are all of the Composition Assessments that I have in my store, all conveniently in one spot. These are all classroom and student tested, I use these assignments year after year because they work, the students enjoy completing them and everyone wins with great results! All marking rubrics and guidelines are included.


Link to the Composition Bundle here.

Number 5

Some FREE stuff! In my store are some FREEBIES that you can download, print and display to have the Best Classroom ever! Click on the links to get your free stuff 🙂


Link to Classroom Posters here

Link to Guitar Chords here

Link to Bunting here

Link to Keyboard posters here

Link to Great Musician posters here

Link to Music Borders here

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Happy Best Classroom Ever 2016

Julia from Jooya

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