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This is a shameless promotion  of the Bulletin Board Kit—Rhythm and Note values.

I have had so much fun putting this set together to save you preparation and planning time.

This Kit has everything you need to create a visually appealing Bulletin Board that others will be jealous of!

Link to Jooya Teaching Resources here

So what do you get? – HEAPS!!!

Link to the Rhythm and Note Values Kit here

The best part about this Kit is that it is all printer friendly. You choose the paper colours and then print away using your chosen colour scheme. The only limit is the paper choices available to you! OR you could choose to print on white and have your students color them in and let their creativity inspire and spark their learning.

The kit also provides so many different ways to use each of the parts, where only your teaching imagination will limit you. You could use the small cards for cooperative learning activities, memory, ways to group students, a walk the room activity, composition activities and more.

The best thing about this resource is that you have it for life!!! if you laminate each part of the display you will be able to use it year after year.

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Link to the Rhythm and Note Values Kit here

If you want to save even more time and $$$ try the Growing Bulletin Board Kit Bundle. Each time a new kit is added the price goes up—BUT you don’t pay any more for it!!! You get all of the updates for the price you paid for it—what a deal! All parts of the Bulletin Bundle Kits are interchangeable and all feature the same dotty or chevron background, just with different pieces added for variety. Each different kit has a unique font and page borders used throughout, and the buntings are different shapes. So when you don’t want to create more, just re-use what you already have and mix it up however you like to inspire your students.

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Link to the Growing Bundle here

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