If you are looking for a fun and engaging activity to do with your Music classes at the end of this school year, then this project is for you!

The Rock Music Project is a perfect way to wrap up the year with a lesson that all students will love to do.

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In this assignment, students are given the task to design a logo, t-shirt and album cover for a musician/band of their choosing. I let my students choose to make their own up OR use an existing artist, and they looooove doing this! I just love their creativity. I have been doing this project with my classes for at least 7 years now, and I do it every year because the students really get involved with their learning and enjoy completing the task. It usually takes about a week of lessons to complete – another bonus, it takes up some time!!! I will often combine this project with watching a movie, and the two movies that I alternate between are a couple of classics that show this design process with musos in the plot – “Bandslam” and “School of Rock”.

t-shirt samples

samples 2.png

The images above are a few samples from last year’s classes.

samples 3.png

The samples above are from a couple of years ago.

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