April is Jazz Music Month!!!

Jazz Music is such a great topic to study, it introduces so many different musical ideas in a fun way to young students. This year I have three female vocalists in my Senior class and each one of them has chosen a couple of Jazz pieces to perform in their final exams in September. It is such a pleasure to work on this part of their repertoire because it is great on the vocal cords and allows for a variety of ways to show off what they can do with their voices!

I have a couple of products in my store that will make teaching Jazz Music to young students easy and engaging. I have done the hard work for you, so all you have to do is just print and teach! Below are some suggestions for you to use in your classroom this month.

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Beginnings of Rock

This unit of work takes students on a journey from African Music through to the Beginnings of Jazz. You can choose to teach the whole unit or just the parts you want!

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link to Beginnings of Rock here

Bulletin Board – Jazz Music

This is part of an ever growing Kit. It is such a time saver! You find the parts that you want to decorate your classroom with and print! It has borders, bunting, musician pictures, I can statements, and more!

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Link to the Bulletin Board here

Jazz Musician Study

If you want a quick and easy way for your students to be engaged with their learning, then this is for you! There are 30 different Jazz musicians to study. Enough for each student to study and learn about a musician that interests them. This research could be completed in as little as a single lesson OR you could stretch it out by having students present to a small group or even the class about what they have learned – the possibilities are endless. The Musician study sheets are designed for students to complete and color in – making for a great display on your classroom walls.

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Link to the Jazz Musician Study here

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