Hi all, sorry that I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks as it was end of term, and I am now sadly halfway through the Easter holidays 🙁

The end of term is always a busy time with lots of assignments to be collected, end of term assemblies and Parent/Teacher Interviews.

In amongst that all I also had the great pleasure of seeing the John Butler Trio live at Newcastle Civic Theatre last week. I have nearly all of his albums (just missing the most recent one), and as a Music Teacher I have had a lot of students perform his music as well for the HSC. BUT to see him live, with just the three of them on stage—drummer, bassist and John Butler, well, words fail me to describe his/their talent. Needless to say, if you do not know him as a performer, please google him and watch, if nothing else his performance of ” Ocean”. It does go quite long, 12 or so minutes, but it is simply mesmerising.

Youtube link to Ocean here. (To save you the hassle of searching! this version is only 5:33)


About a month or so ago, a colleague and myself took a trip to Sydney to purchase material for our upcoming musical—Bye Bye Birdie. Since then I have been busy measuring, cutting, sewing and fitting costumes. Below are some photos we took to use in our promotional material. We have deliberately tried to create a vibrant looking cast, and I hope you can see that in the photos. We bought the cardigans, very cheaply, and I sewed the sequined “Birdie” onto them. These are for our main supporting chorus members. The female chorus are either wearing a circular skirt, pictured below or some girls will be wearing some 3/4 pants in the same colours.





Below are some of the main cast costumes, these are not complete yet, it was fitting time yesterday, so they don’t look quite right yet! I should also mention that all this is possible because of my online shop at Teachers Pay Teachers. The money I have made there has gone into funding the costumes, and soon props, for the show! So please stop by and have a look, and even better yet buy something to support our show.

tpt logo

Here is one of Rosie’s costumes, that’s me in the background!


here is one of Conrad Birdie’s jackets




This is Ursula, the crazy, obsessed, best friend!


Link to my store here

Until next post

Happy teaching

Julia from Jooya


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    1. Not really, I was a professional dressmaker before becoming a teacher! I cut the lip shape first then traced the letters and it took me about 10 minutes to sew on, I timed myself, I had a lot to do and wanted to know if it was going tone worthwhile. Have a great Easter.

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