Wish List Sale Time


Hi All it’s been a busy couple of weeks again for me. I have also been fighting this horrible “bug” that’s being going around at my school and I am really hoping I am at the back end of it!
Earlier in the week I had no voice, this of course made teaching rather interesting. The first day without a voice was our Athletics Carnival, I was with another staff member who happily did all the talking as we escorted our 17+ girls around to all of the events. The next day however, it was an normal school day and this was quite funny. My first class of the day was my Year 7 Art class, I stood outside the room where they line up, and just put my arm up as the signal for them to look at me and be quiet for their instructions upon entering the room. They did this, as usual, but as I opened my mouth to speak they were very quick to notice and inform me that I had no voice. I just love how kids state the obvious to you. Anyway as my voice had gone I told them what I expected them to do, they listened intently and followed my instructions. What I found interesting was that they all started talking back to me in a whisper! It was funny, but as I am hard of hearing I had to encourage them to speak up! Luckily I was rescued by my Drama teacher who came in and asked if we would like to be the audience for the Year 10 Drama performance assessments—we all gladly jumped at this and enjoyed some interesting performances.

My Year 7’s are about to hand in their assignment next week, and we are just starting Mask-erade. They can’t wait to start using clay! Last year was the first time we used this unit and I was really impressed with the results from the students. Below are some of the masks that were created by last year’s students.




Here is a link to the Mask-erade Unit of work on TPT.


Next week I am hoping to have some student samples from their assignment for you, again from the progress pieces I have seen, some are amazing! I do know that I will have some little cherubs who will forget to hand their assignments in, and after looking around on the internet I came across a site that was very helpful. This is the link to Mindsteps here. It had on there a “Late Work Ticket” , and I will be using this for all the students who don’t have their assignment on the day. I have put a freebie on my site for this, the link is here.


I should mention that I am having an end of month Wish List sale, everything in the store is 20% off! The link to my store is here.

Only a short post this week,
Until next time,
Happy teaching
Julia from Jooya

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