Well it’s that time of year for those of us who teach to go back to work. For me that day is tomorrow and I am happy to say I feel more ready than usual.

I was inspired after reading some other blogs that I found while strolling through Pinterest. When I can find the blogs again I will link them up in the future. One idea that inspired me was to have a little goodie bag ready for new students as they arrived throughout the year. Although I am yet to put one of these together for my students, I have put stuff together for my staff. I have a lot of staff teaching outside of their comfort zones this year and I have worked hard to make sure they have a successful year as well. My theory is, if the staff have all the resources ready for them, and they are set up for success, they can in turn put their energy into ensuring success for their students.

So what did I put together for them? Well a lot of little goodies. The staff are getting tomorrow all resources that they will need for the year! They will have a hard copy of each teaching unit and a digital copy that is ready for the IWB (Interactive White Board). The staff teaching Art this year are getting a little pencil case with pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners. All the staff are also getting a hard copy of all the year’s programs, assessments and marking criterias. Image

Above is the Theory Work Books that Year 7 and 8 Music will work through.


Here are the Year 7 Music Units.Image

These are the Year 8 Music Units.


These are the Year 7 Visual Arts Units.


And here are the Year 8 Visual Arts Units.

I have tried to make each unit Visually pleasing, as well as academically engaging. All of the lovely digital papers, frames, fonts and graphics that I have used come from my favorite website Teachers Pay Teachers. In my next blog I will share with you my favorite resources available on the site.



So, as tomorrow comes, and another school year starts, at least the staff will be ready!

Happy teaching

Julia from Jooya

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